The Rise of the Runelords

The Goblin Song
It's Too High Pitched for Half-Orc Ears

The Swallowtail Festival was about to begin, and our heroes found themselves in the crowd. Jacob still smelled freshly of failure and was looking for a new line of work. Tsathok was doing his best to blend his huge, orcy self into the crowd. Cade was looking to pick some pockets, and Sin-o-men was looking to get his/her “pocket” “picked”. Aeon was doing what paladins do best: making everyone feel uncomfortable.

The sky was filled with blue when the swallowtails were released. Then the food was released and butterflies became passé. The heroes gorged as Sin-o-men chased bratty children and Jacob wowed the audience with a spectacular display of bartending ineptitude. All seemed well until suddenly screams, explosions, and terrible songs were heard (by everyone (except for one of us (Tsathok))). Goblins were attacking and the brave heroes sprung into action!

Three goblins quickly fell from Cade’s sling, Jacob’s rope trick, Aeon’s coup de grâce, Sin-o-men’s doglove, and Tsathok’s brutish orcitude. The trouble wasn’t over yet, though, and the group soon faced the source of the singing: an obnoxious goblin warsinger. Jacob and his unseen servant leapt into action by leaping a table into action. Only one of the heroes managed to stab herself in the foot (of course it was the holey one), but thanks to some quick-thinking and an ample supply of tarts, the heroes overcame yet again.

Cade rogued out and nabbed an unidentified potion from the body of the bard while the rest of the group distracted themselves with petty nonsense like getting their wounds magically healed by a religious leader.

A scream from the north of the city attracted the attention of the heroes, and they moved to find another dog being slain by a cruel goblin riding a ratdog. As soon as the dog fell, more goblins appeared. Jacob’s unseen servant dumped cream soda water everywhere and knocked a pod of goblins over with a rolling barrel. The beratdoged goblin fled the area as soon as combat began, but the crew slew him before they could find out where he was going. The rest of the goblins died as well, and the screaming man revealed himself to be Aldern Foxglove. The lad took a liking to Aeon and invited her to see “The Harpy’s Curse” the following evening at Sandpoint Theater. He then retired to The Rusty Dragon, and the rest of the crew tagged along, except for Jacob who went home (probably to find the rest of his family dead. What a loser).

Now in the company for each other for the first time, our heroes began to introduce themselves and bond. Sin-o-men patched the group’s wounds while the rest confronted Tsathok about his anger problem during battle.

Here comes the foreshadowing: there’s certainly something in store for these plucky newly-met heroes! Stay tuned!

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